Post Construction Cleaning in Surrey, Delta BC

At Mantra Cleaning, we offer professional post-construction cleaning services in Surrey, BC. When it comes to showcasing your newly constructed or renovated business space, first impressions matter.

10/23/20233 min read

post construction cleaning
post construction cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning in Surrey and Delta BC, Mantra Cleaning

Your Post Construction Cleaning Crew in Surrey and Delta BC

When it comes to showcasing your newly constructed or renovated business space, first impressions matter. At Mantra Cleaning, we offer professional post-construction cleaning services in Surrey, BC, to ensure that your business makes a remarkable first impression. Our expert cleaners are committed to leaving your space immaculate by eliminating all traces of dust, dirt, and debris left behind by construction. We employ the most effective products and techniques to guarantee a flawless finish, making your business site look its absolute best.

A Hassle-Free Finale to Your Construction Project

Mantra Cleaning presents a comprehensive range of construction cleaning services and general commercial cleaning solutions to simplify the final stages of your project. We understand the dedication you've put into completing your project and we're here to take care of the task of making it look its finest. With our industry-leading cleaning processes, we ensure that your new build is not only clean but also ready to impress.

Construction Cleaning Services Tailored For You

No post-construction cleaning project is too large or small for Mantra Cleaning. We are dedicated to creating a customized cleaning plan for your specific needs, ensuring that every aspect is addressed. Our services include:

Here is a list of services offered by Mantra Cleaning for post-construction cleaning:

  1. Baseboard and Wall Washing: Our experts meticulously clean baseboards and walls to remove construction dust and dirt, ensuring a pristine finish.

  2. Carpet Cleaning: We employ effective carpet cleaning techniques to eliminate construction-related stains and debris, leaving your carpets fresh and clean.

  3. Ceramic Tile Deep Cleaning and Sealing: Mantra Cleaning specializes in deep cleaning and sealing ceramic tiles, restoring their original luster and protecting them from future damage.

  4. Door and Door Frame Polishing: We ensure that doors and door frames are polished to perfection, giving your space a polished and welcoming appearance.

  5. Fixture, Vent, and Lighting Polishing: Our team pays attention to even the smallest details, including fixtures, vents, and lighting, ensuring they sparkle and contribute to a pristine environment.

  6. Power Washing: For external areas, we provide power washing services to remove dirt, grime, and debris, restoring the exterior of your property to its former glory.

  7. Tile Grout Extraction: We specialize in tile grout extraction to remove dirt and stains, leaving your tiled surfaces looking brand new.

  8. VCT Stripping and Waxing: Mantra Cleaning excels in stripping and waxing VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile) flooring, ensuring a glossy and protected surface.

  9. Window Cleaning and Polishing: Our post-construction cleaning includes window cleaning and polishing, allowing natural light to shine through clean and clear glass surfaces.

These services are part of our comprehensive post-construction cleaning offerings, designed to provide a flawless finish for your business space. With Mantra Cleaning, you can trust that your post-construction cleanup needs are in expert hands.

Construction Clean-Up Teams You Can Count On

At Mantra Cleaning, we take immense pride in every aspect of our work, from carpet cleaning and window washing to day porter services and more. Our commitment extends to the safety and environmental responsibility of our cleaning solutions. With our Green Clean services, we ensure that no hazardous chemicals or fumes are left behind. This is particularly valuable when time is of the essence, allowing you, your staff, and patrons to breathe easy in a clean and safe environment.

Your Trusted Partner for Post-Construction Cleaning

With our experienced cleaning team and top-quality post-construction services, Mantra Cleaning offers nothing but the best. Whether you require a one-time post-construction cleanup or ongoing services, we tailor our approach to fit your schedule and needs.

Contact us today to commence the process and request a free, no-obligation proposal. Mantra Cleaning will design a customized post-construction cleaning plan that aligns with your requirements, ensuring your units are move-in ready.